samedi 20 juillet 2013

La fête des familles and our last birthday

Bonjour à tous,

I'd like to start this blog entry by drawing your attention to our final birthday of the program. Happy birthday, Kaitlyn!!


In other news, this past week saw the culmination of all of the stagiaires' hard work in what has come to be known as la fête des familles. As a quick reminder, la fête des familles is essentially a way for the stagiaires to thank their host family for all that they've done by putting on a farewell show. During the show, the stagiaires perform the various acts that they work on throughout the summer, in addition to any additional acts that they wish to perform.

To give you a better idea of what our farewell show looked like this summer, check out the program:

With the help of Ryan, I was able to record every act of the show, except for the various jokes that the stagiaires came up with as transitions between the acts. For your viewing pleasure, each of the videos has been uploaded to the team's YouTube page. Check out the links below!


Act I:

"Corde à sauter"

"Pense à moi"

L'affaire Laferre by Luc Boulanger (*)


Act II:

"Moonlight Sonata, First Movement"

"Amazing Grace"

La chorale (coming soon!)


In the link below, you will find some additional photos from both the night of the fête, as well as a couple taken during rehearsal (unfortunately, due to the lighting, they're quite blurry..).

More pics!


Well, that about sums up the fête!

As you know, we only have a little more than a day left in Saint-Brieuc and then it's off to Paris! I will do my best to update the blog while in Paris, but given our full schedule, I can't guarantee on how frequently I will be able to. So, stay tuned!

A bientôt,

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