mardi 18 juin 2013

Excursion 1: Le Cap d'Erquy et Fort-la-Latte

Hey there everyone!

As stated in my previous post, last week saw the first of our four excursions. Given that our first excursion usually takes place during the first week, we try to use it as a way to introduce the stagiaires to both the beauty and the history of the region that we'll be calling home for the next few weeks. What better way to do that than to visit a stunning cape and an old fortified castle? To give you a glimpse at what we saw during our excursion, I'll discuss le Cap d'Erquy and Fort-la-Latte individually below.


Le Cap d'Erquy

Although Erquy itself has its perks, instead of spending our time exploring the town, we opted to take a moment to enjoy nature. Luckily, the weather was perfect. (Having typed that, I would appreciate it if everyone would please take a moment to knock on wood!)

In order to reach the cape, we had to first do a bit of walking. Given that the cape is amidst a beautiful landscape, however, the treck was definitely worth it. The picture below will give you an idea of what we saw while heading up to the cape.

Once we reached the cape, the view was certainly something else.

After having some time to enjoy the view, we took a moment to take a group photo with the grès as our backdrop.

Following a bit more time exploring the Cap, we headed off to our next destination...



As mentioned above, the second part of our excursion involved visiting an old fortified castle, known as a château fort in French. Although we learned many things about Fort-la-Latte and its history during our guided tour, I will not go into detail here about what we learned here. Instead, I offer you the following link that discusses it in-depth -- History of Fort-la-Latte! -- and the following pictures taken at the château.

Gargantua's finger!

Learning about the castle.
The dungeon!
The view from atop the dungeon. 
Group photo! It was just a bit sunny.
Following our tour and free time to explore the castle, it was back to Saint-Brieuc to start the first full weekend with the host family! Although we were all tired after all of the exploring (and walking), everyone seemed to enjoy themselves on the excursion.


Just as a reminder: our next excursion will take place next Thursday and Friday (June 27th & 28th), when we'll be going to visit Normandy. Needless to say, we are going to see many interesting things, so you can expect a somewhat lengthy post resuming the various things we'll have done/seen while there.

I have also been adamantly taking pictures of the various after-school activities we've been working on and plan on writing a post soonish to let you in on what we actually do here apart from classes the occasional sport. :)

I believe that's all for now!

à bientôt!


p.s. As always, there are more pictures to see than what I've posted in the blog. Follow this link to see them: More pictures!!

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